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The latest updates from Legally Mine

Our Two-Part Program (and why you should care) – Legally Mine

March 7, 2014 · by venture: A Legally Mine Blog

Our Two-Part Program        Our program can essentially be broken up into two parts: 1) Asset Protection and 2) Estate Planning. Asset Protection      In order to protect your assets from law suits, we break them up into various business entities. There are at least three ways in which our structure protects […]

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Don’t Forget to Return That Video!!- Legally Mine

February 18, 2014 · by venture: A Legally Mine Blog

I saw this article on the local news website, Woman jailed, accused of failing to return video, and I couldn’t help but compare it to the situations of so many people we meet everyday. I can’t help but wonder how many times this woman probably saw the movie sitting on her shelf and thought, “oh […]

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Income Shifting Information – Legally Mine

January 31, 2014 · by venture: A Legally Mine Blog

Legally Mine strives for excellence in helping our clients and the general public understand the current tax situation in the United States.  The following is one of the many strategies and tax concepts that we teach.  Please feel free to contact us at 800-375-2453 or info@legallymineusa.com for more information. Income Shifting Income shifting is moving […]

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Entity Cash Flow – Legally Mine

January 29, 2014 · by venture: A Legally Mine Blog

Legally Mine is dedicated to ensuring you get the maximum benefits from your legal structuring possible.  For someone who is properly set up the following is an explanation about how the cash flow would work from entity to entity. Any entity with more than one owner will need at least one bank account and will […]

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State Filing Fees – Legally Mine

January 27, 2014 · by venture: A Legally Mine Blog

Did you know that Legally Mine can help you save money on your state filing fees?  Sometimes what you don’t know is hurting you now! Check out the list below to find your state and what the current filing fees are.   Then give Legally Mine a call to see how we can help you […]

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The Broad Overview – Legally Mine

January 20, 2014 · by venture: A Legally Mine Blog

What Legal Structures Work Best for My Medical Business? Daniel McNeff, Business Owner and CEO at Legally Mine, Les Sliger, Senior Advisor J.L. Hillery, J.D. When looking at legal structures for any business, the first question asked by most people is, “how will it make a difference for me?” The right legal entities can accomplish […]

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Questions and Answers 1- Legally Mine

January 13, 2014 · by venture: A Legally Mine Blog

The following are some general questions that often get asked to various Legally Mine representatives.  Many of these questions and answers both are found in the book the Asset Protection Bible. I will continue with this for a couple of posts, but please let me know if you have any questions that are not listed […]

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Business Legal Entities – Legally Mine

January 10, 2014 · by venture: A Legally Mine Blog

This is a quick snippet from Dan McNeff, CEO of Legally Mine, discussing various business entities and their tax liability. Please feel free to comment below. Thanks Matt – Legally Mine    

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About Legally Mine – From Legally Mine

January 8, 2014 · by venture: A Legally Mine Blog

Legally Mine: Whether you are the executive director of a national association of a volunteer officer of a local organization, the task of choosing speakers and topics for your meeting is a big responsibility. The topic must be appropriate, timely, relevant, and professional. Often this is not an easy decision to make. Regardless of the […]

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Legally Mine Customer Review

December 30, 2013 · by venture: A Legally Mine Blog

It is always nice to get a pat on the back from clients for all your hard work. This was  letter we got a few months ago from one of our clients that we initially met at a funeral directors meeting in New York last year. “… I have had an exceptionally  positive experience with […]

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The most recent statistics cite that nearly $4 billion ($168 million more than the previous year) was spent in medical malpractice payouts, nearly a 5% increase from the year previous.